India is fast emerging as a global superpower. While one part of the country celebrates its arrival on the world platform, the other is still grappling with basic issues of health & hygiene. Although it’s convenient to forget the pain of those who are suffering, it’s not easy to ignore the facts. Every year thousands of people suffer from eye-related problems which can result in bigger complications, including complete loss of vision. If you think the situation is bad today, just imagine the plight in the 70s.
Faced with this reality, Rotary Jagdish Eye Hospital founded Sri Pradeep Jaiswal(Dumraon) Eye Hospital , (popularly known as Rotary Jagdish Eye Hospital) , a eye hospital– to provide world-class eye care services. The hospital was started to cater to the other India – the poor and low income families settled in Dumraon and bordering tribal Bihar and UP.

Believe In The Cause Belive In The Cure.